MediaPoint Network is the
Leading Advertising Source
for Performance-Based
& Per Inquiry (PI) Campaigns

MediaPoint Network distributes advertisers’ cost per acquisition campaigns across its network of thousands of television properties throughout the nation. Our affiliate network consists of broadcast stations, cable systems, local cable, satellite, and syndicators reaching over 100 Million households. Our strong relationships with these affiliates allow us to leverage media opportunities to acquire new leads or customers at a fixed metric.

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MediaPoint Network

With MediaPoint Network’s pay-per-action performance programs you get targeted results that meet your most demanding return-on-investment (ROI) requirements. We create and place results-based TV, radio and print campaigns with inventory from thousands of media outlets at localregional and national levels. You pay only for your results. That’s right, only your results. And, you define the measurements for success.


• Media buying and planning on a cost per lead or cost per acquisition model
• Strategic planning, consumer insights, and competitive research
• Attribution development and Custom analytics
• Full Service production and creative development
• Call tracking and monitoring with our propriety InterCallTrak system


Per Inquiry Advertising

Direct Response marketing on a per inquiry model is where an advertiser has access to free inventory and only pays for actual results. Using an agency's relationships with media channels on a cost per action model is the most cost effective way to start a campaign. Media channels often have unsold inventory so the advertiser only pays for the results. The only complex metric is setting the correct payout and lead definition for a qualified



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