Per Inquiry Advertising

Direct Response marketing on a per inquiry basis grants advertisers access to free inventory and allows them to pay only for tangible results.

Media Pont Network leverages IMGC relationships with media on a Cost per Call or Cost per Lead basis, utilizing the most cost effective way to enter the television marketplace or to expand current TV strategies with less risk. All television properties have unsold inventory at times and often allocate that inventory to Performance Advertisers like MPN. What sets us apart are our strong relationships with media partners and our ability to determine the correct payout and lead definition to create a successful campaign. The payout, combined with how effectively an advertiser’s message engages consumers, determines how strong an offer will be in the marketplace. Our team of experienced media buyers and analysts determine the cost-per-call rate based on estimated call volume and media or by running a small viability. Once the metric is established, MPN will distribute creative to TV, print, radio, online, etc. All calls are tracked with unique 1-800 numbers, or other unique identifiers like promo codes or SMS text numbers, and billing is determined by the volume of leads that are produced each week. MPN provides the reach and frequency that establish your Brand Equity and Top of Mind awareness on a performance basis with less risk and less cost than traditional advertising.

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